WSB Feature in BeautyMute Magazine Issue 16

Featured in BeautyMute Magazine Issue 16

Our lovely photoshoot that was done in Scarborough's Bluffs in September got featured in BeautyMute Magazine! 
The inspiration of the shoot was 'Nature and Free-spirited Bride': 
Our goal was to portray brides as drops of gleaming silky whites on a canvas full of autumn strokes: the fresh scent of moist earth after rain, blissful mosaics of blooming fall flowers, thickly combed greens of hundred shades, and the depthless cobalt sky of October. Here, the brides are free to stroll, dance and pour their hearts out, in strange harmony and beautiful discord.


Dora, Daisy and Jane dress of White Studio Bridal




Catherine Li-Abrams




Cherry Blossom




Taylor Barker



1. Jenna Gillis



2. Sarah Boutcher