" During our wedding planning, my biggest fear was not having or not being able to find an ideal gown in Toronto. I've visited maybe thousands of websites, but finally, ended up loving White Studio Bridal style the most. A lot of designers wouldn't listen to customer's needs as much as one may expect. Instead, they will just design and make their own style or parts, but Jule was really "customer-service-oriented" which also exceeded my expectations, and her dresses looked way more beautiful in person. She also eliminated the nightmare of not fitting into the dress or any other bridal nightmare you can imagine. She made sure that the dress fits perfectly, and delivered it on time. She also remembered all the details that I've unintentionally mentioned and wanted to bring them to my attention, so that we could get our dream gown to come true.
I received a lot of compliments about the dress how it really speaks about my personality and that it is one of the most beautiful gown (which in their and my opinion that it also kind of looked like a Chinese cheongsam). I didn't want to take off my gown at the end of the day because it was also very comfortable. Jule always had her smile, and is very caring. There are just so many great things that words can't describe"
Photo @alexandrajakubowskaphotography